Historically very good

The plant of Carnaroli is close to six feet and it is characterised by a very special whisker, synonim of purity. The certification from E.N.S.E (National Agency of Elected Seeds) makes Pozzi rice an excellent product that keeps its purity at 100%, and it guarantees a really authenic rice.
Born from a cross between Vialone and Lencino in 1945, it is one of the most appreciated risotto’s varieties.
Thanks to the amount of starch contained, Pozzi rice is more consistent than others, and this feature allows better absorption, broth, sauces and other liquids, but also better butter and cream for a perfect creaming.
Pozzi rice is absolutely the king of the rices, both for the quality of better holding the cooking process and because it retains better scents and flavours. All of these features make this rice ideal for preparing tasty and gourmet dishes.


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